Australian Royalty PageantsEnjoy a truly ‘Royal’ experience at Australian Royalty Pageants!

Australian Royalty Pageants are Australia’s premiere Full Glitz Modelling and Fashion for toddlers, children; girls and boys and young women, providing them with an opportunity to showcase and develop their deportment skills, confidence and self esteem.

Our team are dedicated to providing a quality pageant experience for all participants and have developed a comprehensive Pageant Handbook to assist you in your preparations. The handbook is a valuable resource for all those taking part in our pageants and provides details on all pageant requirements, judging criteria, prizes offered, pageant day timetables and general information.

To click here for our ARP 2016 Royalty Nationals HANDBOOK, or if you require further information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office or submit a web enquiry via the Contact Us page.